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Diagnostic Services

All hearing tests are performed by certified and licensed audiologists.

At The Hearing Clinic we are certified to perform pediatric through geriatric audiological tests.

Your hearing healthcare is important to us at The Hearing Clinic, which is why our experienced Audiology staff is dedicated to providing you quality-hearing healthcare and treatment for all your hearing needs.  We offer a wide range of services based on professional experience, quality care, practical knowledge and state-of-the-art instrumentation. 


Hearing Screenings:
This test determines whether there is a hearing loss, but does not determine the degree or type of hearing loss.

Audiological Diagnostic Evaluation Include:

  • Complete air conduction and bone
    conduction testing
  • Speech thresholds
  • Word recognition
  • Middle ear function tests (tympanogram)
  • Identification of any medically or surgically treatable hearing problem
  • Audiological evaluation reports sent to family physician

Hearing Aid Dispensing Services Include:

  • Extended product warranties
  • Recommended follow-up appointments every 6 months
  • Hearing aid adjustments/modifications during the warranty period
  • Hearing rehabilitation and counseling
  • Free batteries during the warranty period for entry level or higher technology)
  • 60-day trial period

Hearing Aid Services Include:

  • Hearing aid performance analysis
  • Hearing aid and earmold cleaning
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Cerumen (ear wax) management

Hearing Accessories:

  • Batteries for all hearing aids
  • Hearing and FM listening accessories
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Hearing protection for those exposed to loud sounds
  • Swim plugs
  • Custom earmolds for personal listening and Bluetooth wireless technology devices. 
  • Stethoscope plugs
  • TV ears
  • Alerting devices
  • Dry and store kit product line for moisture reduction

Other Services:

  • Filing of insurance claims
  • Presentations to organizations, groups, or schools about hearing loss and hearing aids
  • Quarterly Newsletter on hearing loss and new products

The Hearing Clinic represents most major manufacturers of hearing aids with the newest technology available. A comprehensive hearing evaluation is the first step to proper diagnosis of hearing loss, where you can expect the most thorough exam and accurate test possible.  After a thorough evaluation we will make recommendations based on your individual needs. 


A diagnostic hearing evaluation is the first step in determining the type, degree, configuration and symmetry of your hearing loss. The evaluation includes a variety of measurements to rule out any medically treatable causes of hearing loss.  Speech testing in quiet and noisy situations will also be completed to determine your ability to process speech sounds.  The audiologist will then explain your test results and speak with you to determine the best hearing aid style for your hearing loss and personal listening needs.

From time to time hearing aid adjustments are necessary.  Because most hearing aids are digital today, hearing aid programming requires connecting your hearing aids to a computer, utilizing hearing aid software.  At The Hearing Clinic we use state of the art equipment to program your hearing aids.   


As most hearing aid repairs are done in house while you wait, some require more extensive repair and are sent out to the manufacturer.  Should your hearing aid need to be sent out to the manufacturer, we will be happy to fit you with a loaner aid until your hearing aid is returned.  Our experienced staff is available to assist you with all your hearing aid repairs. 

All hearing aid fittings are verified during the hearing aid fitting process using a variety of sound and speech signals to ensure an appropriate fitting hearing accuracy.

Visual inspection of the ear canal is completed to check for obstructions, wax blockages, or signs of outer or middle ear infections in the ear.  Video Otoscopy is just that, allowing the patient to visualize an image of their ear canal on a computer screen.   

Tympanometry testing is completed to determine if a middle ear problem may be contributing to or causing your hearing loss such as middle ear fluid (most common in children) or other medical conditions.   

We have a variety of tools available for ear canal cleanings and earwax removal.  Earwax can be removed by simply pulling the wax out with a small tool or by using suction or flushing devices.

LACE is an acronym for Listening and Communication Enhancement. LACE is an interactive computerized aural rehabilitation program to assist and increase listening skills for those with hearing loss.  The LACE program has helped those with hearing loss increase their listening skills by up to 40% by developing skills and training the brain to use these skills to become a better listener.  Improved hearing with hearing aids does not necessarily translate into good listening skills.  LACE is designed to enhance the good listening skills, which is essential to effective communication. 

To read more about LACE: Visit


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